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Output 4.1: Palette of solutions to recycle nutrients and other valuable components

9 August, 2021 - 12:50

The publication "Palette of Solutions for Nutrient Recycling in the Baltic Sea Region" developed within the platform project BSR WATER has been published in July 2021. Published by HELCOM, overview of the nutrient recycling possibilities was compiled by the University of Tartu, with the contribution from HELCOM, UBC SCC, Technical university of Berlin and City of Helsinki, and supported by other BSR WATER partners.

This document explores feasible solutions for nutrients and phosphorus recovery primarily from wastewater and sludge. Phosphorus can be recovered from many different streams in the WWTP: treated sludge, incineration ashes, sludge liquor etc. The palette of solutions serves as a review of the different options and can be used as guidelines in the planning of national phosphorus recovery strategies, key technologies and potential applications by authorities, local practitioners and companies. The main focus is on the technologies already tested in larger scales.

Publication "Palette of Solutions for Nutrient Recycling in the Baltic Sea Region" (PDF).

In Russian: Публикация "Паллета решений по рециклингу биогенов в регионе Балтийского моря" (PDF).

Link to the video with Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky, HELCOM (Youtube)


Link to the video with Markus Raudkivi, University of Tartu (Youtube)

Policy briefs

Within the BSR WATER platform, policy briefs were produced by Proman Management GmbH focusing on the nutrient recycling aspect. These policy briefs emphasize the need for policies reducing nutrient losses and encouraging phosphorus recycling, and address large, medium and small-size wastewater treatment plants, as well as industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Policy briefs on reducing nutrient losses and encouraging phosphorus recycling

Policy brief on phosphorus recovery in industrial wastewater treatment plants (PDF)