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Fostering transnational cooperation and integration among water sector experts

The project aims to enhance cross-sectoral cooperation in smart water management by providing a possibility for transnational experience exchange, sharing of good practices and solutions, as well as delivering comprehensive overview of the current and future regional policy. Platform brings together experts representing diverse projects that have generated through transnational cooperation many replicable as well as unique solutions, covering broad variety of water-related issues (smart nutrient management and sludge handling, storm water management, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, manure management and energy efficiency).

Developing online platform Baltic Smart Water Hub

BSR WATER develops an interactive online water management portal called Baltic Smart Water Hub to enable international knowledge and expertise exchange. An open access web portal promoting most recent good practices, technical solutions and tools developed in numerous water related projects covers four water sections: fresh-, sea-, storm and wastewater. The Hub allows wide dissemination of piloted practices and tools leading to the growing professional capacity of operators and further implementation of smart management of water resources in the Baltic Sea Region.

Facilitating the regional policy dialog on sustainable water management

The outcomes and practical findings of the contributing projects (IWAMA, Manure Standards, Village Waters, BEST, Reviving Baltic Resilience, iWater, CliPLivE) support the long-term development of regional environmental policy and recommendations which will further strengthen policy-practice link in implementation of advanced water protection measures, including smart nutrient management and sludge handling, storm water management and energy efficiency cycle at national and municipal levels. Technical outputs will support local and national authorities with comprehensive knowledge required in the decision-making process. Following outputs will be developed:

Regional palette of solutions to recycle nutrients and other valuable components

Policy briefs on micropollutants in waste water and sewage sludge

Guidelines on integrated model for Water-Sludge-Energy cooperation

Regional and national recommendations for integrated storm water management (ISWM)

Sharing achievements and results of seven water projects

The platform cooperation is based on practical achievements and results of seven projects addressing unprecedented water management challenges: water pollution from households, industry and agriculture; eutrophication, climate change, excessive water and energy use. The combination of contributing projects allows for integrated and complex water management approach to take place:

Advanced manure standards for sustainable nutrient management and reduced emissions, Manure Standards

Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment, BEST

Interactive Water Management, IWAMA

Integrated Storm Water Management, iWater

Climate Proof Living Environment, CliPLivE

Reviving Baltic Resilience, RBR

Water emissions and their reduction in village communities – villages in Baltic Sea Region as pilots, VillageWaters