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The revised HELCOM Recommendation 23/5 has been published!

27 August, 2021 - 15:51

In the platform work on the topic of stormwater as a pillar in climate adaptation, BSR WATER kicked-off the process of accumulating, processing and disseminating knowledge on the local and national levels of the stormwater management. The accumulated knowledge resulted in the contribution of BSR WATER to the revision of the HELCOM Recommendation 23/5 related to the stormwater management.

HELCOM Recommendation 23/5-Rev.1 on reduction of discharges from urban areas by the proper management of storm water systems (PDF).

Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky, Special Advisor, HELCOM:

"Update of HELCOM Recommendation on urban storm water management is a direct contribution of BSR WATER project platform to the regional policy making. The Recommendation integrates and promotes the most up-to-date approaches to organization of storm water management in urban landscape. It serves for the implementation of HELCOM MD2018 commitments to make Baltic Sea region climate-resilient. The document also recommends sustainable solutions for prevention of contamination of aquatic environment, including such topical tread as contamination of the environment by microplastics. Since the Recommendation, being adopted at the level of national delegations to HELCOM, concerns various stakeholders, including municipalities, BSR WATER project platform organized a dialog with the BSR stakeholders, which ensured the acceptance of the new Recommendation at all levels."

Good to know

On the national and local levels, the forerunning experiences in stormwater management in the BSR cities have been researched and presented by the Riga City Council to produce Policy recommendations for implementing the integrated stormwater management.