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BSR WATER final conference

The BSR WATER Final Conference on 15–16 September 2021 will introduce and share the results of the intensive platform cooperation!

From forerunning solutions in water infrastructure, through efficient management models developed in different projects, and into the policies and recommendations that influence the whole region – a full two-days event brings together Baltic Sea Region decision-makers and practitioners for inspiring presentations, exciting panel discussions, virtual tours and of course networking!


Focus of the event

The conference will be organised along the following thematic sessions:

  • Shifting wastewater treatment to the resource recovery model

Development of the Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy in HELCOM is based on the pool of effective solutions launched in the region. How has BSR WATER platform contributed to the shaping of this strategy, what technologies already exist to ensure safe and sustainable nutrient recycling from wastewater, and how to enable the shift from the traditional wastewater treatment plant to the water resource recovery facility?

  • Hazardous substances in municipal and industrial stream

Hazardous substances in the wastewater stream need to be addressed with both upstream and downstream measures. What has BSR WATER brought to the HELCOM action on micropollutants, and which regional recommendations and technical solutions have been recently developed and launched in the Baltic Sea Region?

  • Adapting to the climate change by the proper management of stormwater systems

Climate change is affecting all cities in our region, and one of the adaptation paths to it lies in the sustainable stormwater management. What are the climate mitigation and adaptation trends on the EUSBSR level, how has the HELCOM recommendation 23/5 been recently updated with BSR WATER input to better address the pressing environmental matters, and what can cities do on the strategic and practical level to become climate-proof?

  • Future cooperation

While the platform is coming to an end, the new Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme period is only at its dawn. What can we expect from the new call for projects, and how the cooperation can continue on the practical level through the online platform Baltic Smart Water Hub?

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15.09.2021 to 16.09.2021