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Expertise exchange and collecting the input from the cooperating project BEST


Project BEST held a workshop focusing on innovative and cost-efficient methods for pre-treatment of industrial effluents.

HELCOM: Revising the Recommendation 23/5 to address storm water challenges


HELCOM on the revision of the stormwater-related Recommendation 23/5 and the role of BSR WATER stakeholders in this process.


International Environmental Forum Baltic Sea Day 2020

19.03.2020 to 20.03.2020

The Baltic Sea Day Forum 2020 in St. Petersburg: Sustainable Development for the Baltic Sea – Long Road to the Healthy Baltic Sea.

BEST Project Final Seminar

26.05.2020 to 28.05.2020

BEST Project final seminar will be arranged in Warsaw to present results of the project.

What new is happening in the water world

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