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Survey on implementation of sustainable urban stormwater management in the Baltic Sea Region cities

30 August, 2019 - 10:34

BSR WATER launches a survey on implementation of sustainable urban stormwater management in the Baltic Sea Region cities. Download the survey and fill it, or share with the relevant department in your city! We would be thrilled to receive answers from the cities in the Baltic Sea catchment area.

The survey aims to analyse the progress in improving urban stormwater management to assess the baseline, current needs and future development prospects.

Download the survey – make your city voice heard!

Filled survey can be sent to the partner responsible for processing the survey (Riga City Council)


Your impact on regional policies

BSR WATER fosters transnational cooperation and integration among water sector experts on different levels, facilitating the regional policy dialog on sustainable water management and engaging practitioners in continuous expertise exchange. The outcomes and collected practical findings support the long-term development of regional environmental policy and recommendations that will further strengthen policy-practice link in implementation of advanced water protection measures and storm water management. Shared experience allows pinpointing and further promoting sustainable storm water solutions that aim at prevention of pollution of the environment and adaptation to climate change.

Who and for whom

The survey is targeted to experts working with stormwater issues in the Baltic Sea Region cities: urban planners, technical infrastructure developers/operators, landscape architects, environmental experts, real estate developers, etc.

With any questions regarding the survey you are invited to get in touch with the contact person (contact information inside the file).