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Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2020-2021

29 October, 2021 - 17:43

Continuing after the online stage in 2020, the second stage of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2020-2021 was organised in a hybrid format in St. Petersburg on 25-26 October 2021.

BSR WATER platform was invited to the Forum to share the cooperation achievements. In the session "Innovative Platform and Tools for Transition to a Circular Economy to Achieve the SDGs in the Baltic Sea Region", Natalia Bobyleva from SC "Mineral" presented the Baltic Smart Water Hub as an open portal for the exchange of regional practices and solutions; she invited present water experts to explore it further and share their practices.

As a part of this session, a memorandum of understanding on praticipation in the “Sustainable Development Cluster 2030” was signed at the Forum; BSR WATER platform signed it as well and received a certificate of participation.

Further, during the Forum, two more sessions presented projects, with which BSR WATER has been cooperating:

  • FanpLESStic-sea! project with the focus on microplastics in wastewater was introduced at the Interreg Baltic Sea Region's session on the results of the cooperation.
  • SHEM WP project researching technologies for storm- and wastewater treatment held its final seminar as a part of the Strategic Forum.

Furthermore, there was also a session held on the third day back to back with the Strategic Forum: the Baltic Leadership Programme "Neighbours" has been launched by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and Swedish Institute. BSR WATER's Lead partner UBC Sustainable Cities Commission has been invited to join it, and the platform was also presented at the BLP's opening ceremony as a great example of not only cross-sectoral, but also across-regional cooperation and active involvement of Russian partners and stakeholders into the successful collaboration.

Photo: Press service of the Strategic Forum / Пресс-служба Форума стратегов