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First Project meeting in Turku

4 October, 2019 - 15:14

The First project meeting, that is, an internal face-to-face meeting of the BSR WATER platform took place in Turku, Finland, on the bright autumn days of 30 September – 2 October 2019.

The meeting was opened by Björn Grönholm, Head of Secretariat of the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission, the Lead Partner of the platform.

BSR WATER has been running for a year now, and partners have proceeded with the planned platform tasks in smaller working groups through numerous online meetings. Now, the consortium got a chance to meet again and exchange their progress, participate in discussions, comment on pending issues, and, of course, meet old friends. Partners used the internal meeting to provide their feedback on the content and user-friendliness of the developed outputs.

BSR WATER consortium represents several examples of the platform's target audience: municipalities, academia, environmental centers with stakeholders among practitioners of the water management sector. Group discussions were built around main project focus areas and touched upon concrete examples of nutrient recycling applied in the region, cases of cooperation models to aid circular economy, drivers for implementation of sustainable urban storm water management and better approaches for improved outreach of the platform. Demonstration session devoted to development of interactive and user-friendly features of an online portal Baltic Smart Water Hub delivered many valuable comments and interesting ideas, which will be taken to the implementation phase in the upcoming months.

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HA Climate is among associated partners of BSR WATER platform. After the meeting, HA Climate Coordinator Valdur Lahtvee, who joined us in Turku, published an article Adapting to climate change, mentioning there also the work of BSR WATER and iWater projects as an example of cooperation for adapting to the climate change.