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Output 3.2: Online platform "Baltic Smart Water Hub"

1 September, 2021 - 13:28

The online platform "Baltic Smart Water Hub" is an open portal showcasing good practices, technical solutions, innovations and tools developed across the Baltic Sea Region. The platform demonstrates relevant outputs developed and tested in various transnational projects, as well as solutions launched by different organisations in the region. The Hub presents its cases in four water areas: fresh and sea water, storm water and wastewater. Examples of efficient water management practices, smart water treatment operation, inspiring stakeholder engagement approaches and easily applicable tools can help find ideas for investments, measures to optimize processes, and solutions to similar challenges.

The Water Hub also brings information about existing funding instruments, regional policy framework and potential networking associates.

Browse regional examples and promote the excellence of your own organisation: Baltic Smart Water Hub

Presentation of the output

Baltic Smart Water Hub, by Mariia Andreeva, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission