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European Cooperation Day 2019

The European Cooperation Day is celebrated in St. Petersburg on 25 September 2019 under the topic of “Nature as our common treasure”. The event gathers authorities from the Russian Federation and the EU Member States and young people from St. Petersburg to discuss how cooperation programmes and projects contribute to making the Baltic Sea region a healthier place to live.

The organizers of the event – Interreg Baltic Sea Region together with Latvia-Russia, Estonia-Russia, South-East Finland – Russia CBC programmes, – will showcase projects that jointly solve environmental challenges going beyond the borders. The projects will tell what is being achieved in their projects to reduce pollution and protect the nature as it is our common treasure.

BSR WATER platform will join the event to present how key water sector projects from different funding programmes are integrated in the platform to support the development of regional policy recommendations and the engagement of experts in the transboundary knowledge exchange.

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Youth environmental centre of the St. Petersburg wastewater treatment facility
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